Classroom Support

Classroom Support is just that, knowfood supports already existing programming within the Seattle Public Schools CTE Culinary Classrooms. We work with instructors to best support planned lessons & projects. Class time is spent assisting students with such activities as knife skills, recipe adherence, cooking technique, basic sanitation & health. We close the student-to-adult ratio, letting teachers teach, instead of putting out figurative & literal fires.

We also provide supplies, equipment & funding.



Instruction brings local chefs into the classroom to demonstrate their own skills & specialties. These lessons lean on professionals to ignite student interest in the wide world of food. We provide all instruction materials, supplies, & ingredients.


knowbasics is the knowfood curriculum currently under development for the 2018/2019 school year. Working with industry leaders & SPS educators we are creating year long learning experiences that will ready our students for the professional world. Knowbasics meets the educational needs of our students and provides them the skill sets employers are looking for.

The Connector

Off-sites can be an organized trip to a restaurant, food supplier, kitchen operation etc.