Let’s talk firsts…

This is the first nonprofit I’ve ever started.

The first business plan I’ve ever drawn up.

The first time I’ve ever selected board members (those of you selected, I promise we’ll meet soon)

The first time I’ve ever applied for a special federal tax designation.

The first time I’ve ever built a website (thanks Kenny for suggesting WordPress!)

The first time I’ve spoken about a cause I believe in in front of a group of people.

The first time I’ve been so personably responsible for something en totem.

The first time I’ve ever, well honestly… done a lot of stuff. Seriously, more than I thought I was capable of. 

It’s a lot of work, and here’s the payoff. 

Sometimes there are firsts that make you think there are going to be seconds, and seconds are the whole point.

This week (know)food received its first honest-to-goodness grant. 

The money is much needed and from the bottom of our hearts appreciated but this feels like more than that. It’s a vote for us doing the right thing. A nudge that there are others out there that look at our program and say “I want to get behind that.” It’s a nudge the makes all those other first count for so much, it’s a nudge that gets you to fire up the laptop, make some phone calls, and hone in on your purpose.
So thank you Mary Weigand and Pay North West for your vote of confidence. It means more than you may have intended.

…and we’re off!

After a successful meeting last week at Seattle Public Schools John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence (holy cow that’s a long name!),(Know)food is excited to be partnering with four schools in the 2016/2017 scholastic year!

We will be working with teachers Andrew, Raya, Graca, & Jessica at Roosevelt, West Seattle, Rainier Beach, and Ingraham high schools!(holy cow that’s a lot of schools!)

On top of our standard support, instruct, & career guidance programming we will also be focusing on a year-end-inter-school-cooking-competition, a couple of student led Seattle pop-up dinners, as well as hopefully getting some student cooking air time on Chef Tom Douglas & Chef Thierry Rautureau’s “Seattle Kitchen“radio program!

In addition (know)food has partnered with Seattle’s Corfini Gourmet to provide students with great food experiences they might not normally be able to have! Thank you Eddie!

Beyond all that excitement we are just looking forward to getting back in the classroom, connecting with students, and showing them how fun life can be with a knife in your hand and a flame under your pan!

We still need volunteers!!! If you cook for a living or know someone who does, please have them sign up here!

Thanks for reading!!!



Help us Help!

Hello all! 

You’re probably thinking “gee, I haven’t heard anything from (know)food in a couple days…” Well good news; if you missed us we’re back and we still need your help.

We believe organizations like ours fill a gap between the public & private sector. Things get done with the dexterity of a business but focus on affecting change on a larger social level, and we need funds to do that!

So we ask you to commit to our cause with whatever financial support you can give. Your donations will be tax deductible, which is nice for you! More importantly funds will work towards supporting (know)food in: providing resources to classrooms, helping build a volunteer base, general funds for logistics and office support (papers not cheap!), and over all improving our ability to grow successfully and create change in our community!

So please help! And bear with us while we start to sound like an NPR donation drive…

Visit our Chuffed page to donate today!

 Thanks so much!



Big Leaps

When you love something you better…hold onto it until you figure out what to do with it!

For the past 8 years I think this idea has slowly been brewing in the back of my mind. “How do I take two things I am passionate about and make them become one thing?”

Well here it is folks, (know)food, the culmination of my work in the restaurant industry over the past 16 years and the inspiration I found while volunteering with students in San Francisco through the always-amazing-ever-so-awesome-one-of-a-kind-SF-original 826 VALENCIA!

Great things are going to come of this; the industry is ripe for help, our students are wanting more than just a dead end or a student loan after high school, our society is longing for skill based learning & education with a goal in mind, I am hungry to produce change and community and YOU my dear readers are here to watch & support it all! Without you there is no us!

So, BIG LEAPS! Off into oblivion, the unknown & the uncharted towards a better future where we stand up and do something about the things we hold most dear. Wish us luck!