Let’s talk firsts…

This is the first nonprofit I’ve ever started.

The first business plan I’ve ever drawn up.

The first time I’ve ever selected board members (those of you selected, I promise we’ll meet soon)

The first time I’ve ever applied for a special federal tax designation.

The first time I’ve ever built a website (thanks Kenny for suggesting WordPress!)

The first time I’ve spoken about a cause I believe in in front of a group of people.

The first time I’ve been so personably responsible for something en totem.

The first time I’ve ever, well honestly… done a lot of stuff. Seriously, more than I thought I was capable of. 

It’s a lot of work, and here’s the payoff. 

Sometimes there are firsts that make you think there are going to be seconds, and seconds are the whole point.

This week (know)food received its first honest-to-goodness grant. 

The money is much needed and from the bottom of our hearts appreciated but this feels like more than that. It’s a vote for us doing the right thing. A nudge that there are others out there that look at our program and say “I want to get behind that.” It’s a nudge the makes all those other first count for so much, it’s a nudge that gets you to fire up the laptop, make some phone calls, and hone in on your purpose.
So thank you Mary Weigand and Pay North West for your vote of confidence. It means more than you may have intended.

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