…and we’re off!

After a successful meeting last week at Seattle Public Schools John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence (holy cow that’s a long name!),(Know)food is excited to be partnering with four schools in the 2016/2017 scholastic year!

We will be working with teachers Andrew, Raya, Graca, & Jessica at Roosevelt, West Seattle, Rainier Beach, and Ingraham high schools!(holy cow that’s a lot of schools!)

On top of our standard support, instruct, & career guidance programming we will also be focusing on a year-end-inter-school-cooking-competition, a couple of student led Seattle pop-up dinners, as well as hopefully getting some student cooking air time on Chef Tom Douglas & Chef Thierry Rautureau’s “Seattle Kitchen“radio program!

In addition (know)food has partnered with Seattle’s Corfini Gourmet to provide students with great food experiences they might not normally be able to have! Thank you Eddie!

Beyond all that excitement we are just looking forward to getting back in the classroom, connecting with students, and showing them how fun life can be with a knife in your hand and a flame under your pan!

We still need volunteers!!! If you cook for a living or know someone who does, please have them sign up here!

Thanks for reading!!!



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