Help us Help!

Hello all! 

You’re probably thinking “gee, I haven’t heard anything from (know)food in a couple days…” Well good news; if you missed us we’re back and we still need your help.

We believe organizations like ours fill a gap between the public & private sector. Things get done with the dexterity of a business but focus on affecting change on a larger social level, and we need funds to do that!

So we ask you to commit to our cause with whatever financial support you can give. Your donations will be tax deductible, which is nice for you! More importantly funds will work towards supporting (know)food in: providing resources to classrooms, helping build a volunteer base, general funds for logistics and office support (papers not cheap!), and over all improving our ability to grow successfully and create change in our community!

So please help! And bear with us while we start to sound like an NPR donation drive…

Visit our Chuffed page to donate today!

 Thanks so much!



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